Magical Amber Protection Pendants

Unique magic amber pendants, hand made from young Copal Amber, personally imprinted, each one dedicated to the soul and the life force. Amber has traditionally been used to both protect and delight the soul; this mysterious translucent substance that in Greek was called “Elektron” and from which electricity takes its name, is one of nature’s most delightful treasures, highly prized by master magicians through the ages.

The solar energies of Amber create a supreme sense of warmth, health, and well-being to the wearer. Amber carries the vibration of organic life, making it feel very friendly and familiar.

  • Excellent support stone for energetic healing
  • Offers protection by transmuting low density frequencies into cleaner, higher energies
  • An ancient manifestation tool that helps one attain one’s goals when used with focused attention
  • Links us with Solar energy to remind us of the Light
  • Helps one integrate Light energy into the physical body
  • Aids in clearing resistance to one’s personal evolution
  • Balances Yin and Yang energies
  • Helps with Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Helps one find purpose and strength
  • Assists one in connecting with Light beings, particularly those who are on Earth or assisting through the coming shift
  • Associated with archangels Ariel and Jeremiel

There are three different styles of these unique
Amber Pendants available –
Large Spiral, Medium Spiral and Freeform Pendants


Each Pendant is unique. The forms and shapes vary and once you have decided on the style you want then the perfect one for you will be chosen.