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Water Cures Asthma! And Allergies and Heartburn and…

Water curing asthma?! If you think about it, it makes sense. You know how drying the wind is on the skin, how it dehydrates and chaps it quite quickly. Well the lungs are made of fragile membrane that dries out very quickly as we breath in and out.

If this tissue is starting to dehydrate the lungs shut down to protect themselves from becoming too brittle, and making sure the body is well hydrated stops this automatic process from kicking in. it makes breathing very difficult and simply making sure the body is well hydrated makes the tight chest of asthmatics and breathing difficulties disappear in most cases.

An Iranian doctor, Dr. Batmanghelidj, incarcerated as a political prisoner for 5 years discovered this and the many other amazing cures that water alone can give. His first case was a man crippled with agony from a peptic ulcer and all he had to give him was water. Within 8 minutes of drinking 2 glasses all his pain had gone. Dr. Batmanghelidj went on to document his findings of the remarkable effect simply being sufficiently hydrated has on the human body and how most pain can be cured this way. He believes that many ills are purely a symptom of being dehydrated and he went on to cure many diseases such as asthma, ulcers, heartburn, allergies, lupus, high blood pressure and adult onset diabetes by following this method. He even believes cancer and Alzheimer’s are a direct result of dehydration and can be positively influenced by rehydrating the body sufficiently.

As Dr. Batmanghelidj says about high blood pressure –
“This is where medical science has gone wrong because the human body retains salt in order to keep a body of water outside of the cells of the body. From this body of water, which is called edema fluid, water is filtered and injected into the vital cells. There is a reverse osmosis program that the body operates. The drier the body becomes the higher the injection pressure has to be for the operation of the reverse osmosis. This injection pressure is measurable and we call it hypertension. This injection pressure force is needed in order to force water into the vital cells. You take water and some salt and expand the volume of water outside of the cells and allow water to get into the cells and this need for reverse osmosis that operates across the board in the body is taken away and so the blood pressure drops. So water and salt are better medications for lowering blood pressure.”

Dr. Batmanghelidj also has interesting views on cholesterol and its role in saving lives. Cholesterol covers tears and abrasions on the arteries where acidic, concentrated blood has caused damage and protects the arteries while they are being repaired from these lesions. Cholesterol actually protects us from ruptured arteries and embolisms and is not the bad guy here it is simply assisting the healing process caused by acidic concentrated blood due to dehydration.

What I like about this man is that he is a doctor and applies a scientific approach to his studies but has absolutely no financial interest in the research he conducts or the message he is broadcasting.

He also cites dehydration as the cause of many degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis because as we age we lose our perception of thirst.

Remember, a dry mouth is not the first sign of dehydration, it is one of the last safe symptoms and means we are well past the stage of needing just one glass of water. It is very important to pre-empt dehydration and not wait for a dry mouth. The body needs water for every action from digesting food to maintaining balanced hormone levels.

Don’t treat dehydration with medication, first drink plenty of water and increase salt intake (about a quarter of a teaspoon per extra litre of water) accordingly and see what happens. The brain is 85% water so there’s a good chance when you have a headache the glass of water you take with your paracetamol is doing you more good than the drug!

So stand a bottle or jug of water on your desk to make sure you always have some on hand and can stay hydrated throughout the day. I also add a few drops of Tachyon Water which increases bio-availability and keeps my energy levels high.

Drink plenty, stay healthy and my best wishes to you.

Nicola Quinn