Tarot Spread for Full Moon (March 2018)

We begin with the much-needed release represented by the 10 of Wands. This mental or physical burden is not serving you. It must be released. However, the strange contrast of The Devil card being drawn after signaling what we must retain, can provoke us to believe that the negativity must be identified first before it can be walked away from. In most cases here, it would be better to forgive others for this emotional distress. To retain, right now, is to analyse the situation and then choose to forgive. It seems strange that this card would come up to encourage you to hold something negative towards you, but the way I feel this card appears is due to the fact negativity is so strong that it can not merely be released until it is addressed and then forgiven. Don’t worry though if you are unsure if you can do this, because we now move on to what we will be receiving, which is Strength. Your strong will and composure promotes the strength within to form a solid basis to work with. Self control. Courage. During the full moon we can harness from it what we need. This is what you can expect to be receiving from this full moon, although if you need more information you can get a psychic reading by phone so they can tell you everything you need to know. All the courage and strength you have ever desired to let go of what has been burdening you, forgive who have or what has been torturing you. You are empowered with the strength of the full moon now, it’s time to let go and move forward. Moving forward is always a scary thing to do, and the full moon is a sign of things coming to a peak to enable you to carry yourself through to the new moon. Unload everything that has been weighing you down.

Being aware of our surroundings is important as it presents us with ideas and signs. The 8 of Wands signifies changes and shifts in patterns. Events and opportunities will arise, usually in the shape of motion, so think traveling and progression. There will be clarity in unresolved cases and a realisation of who we are and where we need to go will become apparent if we keep our awareness. Be ready to travel. Expect to be informed and finally know the answer.

The 2 of Cups brings love and honesty into your life. This card falls on the ‘giving’ location. Love is to be given to all around you in order to make connections that will remain. Ready for that new beginning you’ve been waiting for? The Emperor has shown up again, I previously drew him during this phase. This is excellent news, as it holds a connection to the new beginnings you have been putting into practice over the past period. The stability you have gained, the father figure you have connected yourself to, it is all about to begin. Something fresh. It’s about to happen.

Our lesson this phase is The Lovers card, which right now symbolises the unity of all of us empowered by this moon phase. Give love, receive new love and take the opportunities around you to change your pattern. We have let go of everything that does not serve us. So now we can focus on romance and connections.

We see Wands come up in this spread twice, this suit signifies creativity and your potential. We can see that your potential is in a rut with the 10 of Wands but the 8 of Wands drawn encourages hope that there will be a sudden movement within your potential to create. We also see the suit of Cups appearing suggest that the heart is our focus here when giving, as the Cups suit represents openness and sensuality.

The first half (present) of this spread revolves heavily around releasing self doubt and addictive self criticism (this isn’t going to make you a better person). A responsibility to forgive those that have caused negativity and forgive yourself for carrying these burdens around with you for so long is key here. You have the strength now to do it. The second half (future), inspires love and new beginnings in relationships, they may be romantic or budding friendships, but don’t forget to be open. You have your inner compassion guiding you. Exciting trips may be unfolding, giving you the chance to see things changing before your eyes. Hold on to that stability and inner strength you have been harnessing since the new moon. It will do you well.



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