Tarot Card pull for New Moon & Waxing Phase (February 2018)

The Emperor is ‘the master of his own making’, and realising our own strength. Our stability brings clarity to mind and will help with making decisions in situations that depend on the outcome of a decision. We can all struggle at times to make the right decision, take the correct path, go with the best idea, but now is the time to unite with your inner strength and ground yourself so these decisions can be made without faltering or regret. You will be able to make a choice, and trust in your intuition.

This card symbolises a paternal figure and your relationship. However, this could represent a literal spirit or your own being. Harness this relationship for now. Use it or abuse it, but acknowledge your intentions and grow upward from the outcome. Be aware that this phase is not necessarily based around masculinity though, but you should be alert that ‘he’ will make an appearance, it may be internal or you may just walk straight into him, and it will change everything for you.

The Emperor is a ruler. He is a determined father. Using his initiative to balance and reassure.

These traits are seen within the sign of Aries (March 21st – April 19th), a new horizon can be seen for you, if you begin the task of setting your intentions and learning from the types of obstacles you have been blessed with.

Things you could be asking yourself during this phase: Am I the right leader for the job? What is the best way I can use strategy to accomplish this role? Am I being impractical here? What do I rule? Are my goals realistic?

This New Moon is a time to use your wisdom and strength that you have gained through experience. Use your authority to achieve. It’s time now to leave behind the tiring elements of winter, the lack of money during January, the Christmas come-down. This February is time to create a new path to success for yourself as your energy will no longer be used up on these things. You can now focus on pointing yourself towards Spring, a new start.

Don’t feel as though you must wait until the season change for yourself to transition. Begin now, use the Full Moon in a couple of weeks to address any issues and overcome them. We can avoid making the same mistakes if we are patient and aware. Keeping our motivation and acknowledging the strength within us and around us is what will carry us through this phase. Lead the way, your battle-cry has been heard.




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