Etherium Keys


Perfect for manifesting desires and for help reaching your goals. Contains homoeopathically prepared Etherium Gold, Healing Water from Mexico, Tachyon Water and a dash of colloidal silver to keep everything sweet.
Choose which remedy is right for you from the descriptions below.

30 ml dropper bottle



The Manifester –

Etherium Gold raises electromagnetic vibrations to reduce time between thought and manifestation. Balances right/left brain, increases alpha wave amplitude.
Perfect for manifestation meditations.

The Awakener –

Etherium Red has the power to awaken kundalini and connect all energy centres for enhanced meditation and deeper awareness.

The Purifier –

Etherium Black purifies and neutralises unwanted thoughts leading to a calm mind and deep relaxation.

The Aligner –

Etherium Gold, Black and Red to align the chakras and energy system to Source.