Alternative Pain Relief by Nicola Quinn

Self Help Alternative to Pain Killers

We all know pain killers are not good for us, though just one now and then to stave off an oncoming headache can’t hurt, can it? You may be surprised to know that on average each person takes a staggering 373 pain killers a year, and that is not taking into account the chronically sick. That is just ordinary people, reaching for an occasional paracetamol or nurofen. A recent UK study found that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen double the risk of heart attacks and increase strokes and heart failure by an alarming rate. This is on top of the possibility of kidney damage, worsening of asthma, intestinal bleeding and drastic mood swings.

We are too quick to drop a pill when we feel a headache coming on so our lives will not be interrupted and we can carry on full steam ahead and not let anyone, including ourselves, down. We do not listen to our bodies any more, it is like we are too scared to do that. The stress is too much.

Even the young nowadays have so much pressure on them they daren’t miss a day of school for fear of their grades dropping, the competition is so steep. So, dose them up mother, no point teaching them to start being aware of when they need to slow down, because in the real world they will never be able to do that. That is just terrible and sets an awful pattern for the rest of their lives.

Over £400 million is spent on non-prescription painkillers each year with an estimated 30,000 people in the UK alone being addicted to them. And three years ago co-proxamol, one of the most popular pain killers, started to be withdrawn because of its strong link with suicides. 12,000 people are admitted to hospital each year in the UK with severe side effects of the most common pain killers resulting in 2,600 deaths last year.

We are all lulled into thinking that if we ever experience terrible pain the doctors will have a pill for it, surely in this day and age no one needs to suffer. Well I can tell you this is just not true. A client of mine had been in agony for over 3 years and not even the strongest pain killers gave him any kind of relief. This is the appalling truth.

The drugs he was given to control the pain made him extremely ill and did nothing for the pain itself. The best that can be said was that he was so spaced out for most of the time he wasn’t even sure it was him that was in pain any more. Lovely.

That was until I showed him how to do The Gentle Touch. From then on things changed drastically. Just the shift into taking responsibility and taking charge of his feelings was enormous and his attitude became much more positive. He learned how to reduce the pain by himself and although he needed to use the technique many times during the day to bring down the pain even a few notches it was still more effective than the drugs had ever been. He is not completely pain free yet but he is off all the drugs and is making steady progress.

I also taught him EFT which lifted his depression giving him a brighter outlook and future, one he just did not have previously.

His is a sad story and we can’t be sure what irreversible damage the drugs have already done to him. If only he had found me sooner. Nonetheless, he looks forward to every day now with joy instead of dread.

But for you, there is a way, from today, to deal with pain, to eliminate the need for routine medication with these insidious drugs that can undermine your health, your way of life, your future.

It’s never too late to start taking control.

Our body, by design, is constantly trying to heal itself, right the wrongs that have been inflicted upon it but how efficient can it be when so much energy is used in detoxing the powerful drugs from the system via the liver. How much better to be able to relieve the pain naturally while giving the body time to repair itself.

The Gentle Touch does this beautifully by relieving the muscle spasms that cause the pain.

It is easy to do, I have taught many children, and it should be the first action to take when any pain is experienced. I cannot promise it will always work for you though I have seen post-operative pain relieved almost instantly and anything that can reduce your intake of potentially dangerous drugs has got to be worth a try.

Stress too can cause unimaginable damage to health and increases the risk of terminal painful diseases and this too can be stopped, dead in its tracks, with the help of two simple techniques. It’s not so much the stresses we live under as the way we handle them that causes the problems and EFT and EmoTrance can teach us how to approach each situation clearly and positively and actually benefit from all our experiences however stressful we deem them to be. One person’s stress is another’s adrenaline rush!

These two extraordinary techniques can eliminate stress, fear and anxiety quickly and EmoTrance particularly can teach you how to nourish yourself by literally feeding your energy system from the veritable array of different experiences out there just waiting for you to have.

Pain and stress are thieves that rob us of our experiences, of our ability to enjoy life and with the four simple self help techniques in my book Hot To Stop Pain you have a real chance of regaining a joyful sparkling life with a brilliant future.

Good health to you!

[Originally posted: 06/07/08]

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