Etherium Gold Remedy

Etherium Gold – Remedies to Manifest, Awaken and Purify

Etherium Gold is quite literally a gift from the gods, brought to earth from the stars on the backs of meteors eons ago and found only in the holiest most sacred places on the planet to lift our vibrational rate, transform our dna and align us with the patterns to both lift us higher and bring harmony and prosperity on all levels to our lives.

We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey and Etherium Gold reminds us of this and helps align our patterns here in the hard to give us all we need to create a joyous life, be that a greater sense of our spirituality or a more aligned environment (ie a great place to live!).

Along with Etherium Gold there is also Etherium Red and Etherium Black. The body’s digestive system neutralises Etherium which is why the ancients fasted for weeks prior to taking it for sacred ceremonies and which is why I have created these remedies to make their extraordinary powers accessible to anyone with a desire to grow. These remedies, Etherium Keys, unlock the power of Etherium Gold, Red and Black and are in a homoeopathic form which is easily absorbed sublingually.

The Manifester

Whatever we set our mind to, focus our attention on, Etherium Gold will deliver as this powerful remedy increases the power of thought. the power of intent, and enhances mental clarity and raises the electromagnetic vibrations to miraculously reduce the time between thought and manifestation.

The right and left brain becomes balanced and amplitude of alpha waves is increased. Some say within 3 seconds of taking Etherium Gold you can achieve the same effects and changes as from 3 months of deep meditation – a perfect sense of alignment where all is possible.

So, I could say, be careful what you wish for when using this extraordinary blend but our energy mind ALWAYS does what is best for us so you can relax, safe in the knowledge that Etherium Gold will help you attract only goodness, health, Even Flow and joy into your life.

Achieving more does not happen by doing the same things over and over, harder and harder. Change only occurs by doing things differently and Etherium Gold initiates this change in your patterning to allow this to happen.

The Manifester 30ml – £30.00

The Awakener

Etherium Red has the power to awaken kundalini, to facilitate the flow of spirit through all the chakras and nadis, to connect all the energy centres for complete alignment enhanced meditation and deeper spiritual awareness.

This remedy is a must for all serious meditators and for those seeking to accelerate and deepen their experience of peace and bliss without years of practice, time we just do not have now.

The Awakener 30ml – £30.00

The Purifier

Etherium Black has the extraordinary ability to purify, to neutralize all unwanted thoughts and energies that do not serve us well.

It is the exact opposite of Etherium Gold in that it unmanifests, uncreates, and is a perfect companion to Etherium Gold, preparing a pristine starting point for astounding reality creation by eliminating mental and emotional chatter.

Etherium Black reduces feelings of stress and balances the emotions within minutes thus calming the mind and spirit and induces deep relaxation and feelings of well being.

N.B. The powerful neutralising effect can also be useful for allergies and over intoxication and to soften the side effects of medication though please be aware the main action of essential drugs will not be affected as Etherium Black only rids our systems of those things we do not need and are not helpful to us.

The Purifier 30ml – £30.00

The Aligner

Advanced – This remedy includes Etherium Gold, Etherium Red and Etherium Black to align the chakra and energy system to Source.  This is a very powerful combination and I recommend starting with an individual remedy first to clear the energy system in readiness.

The Aligner 30ml – £50.00


Please note: All remedies contain Tachyon Water which fixes the signature of the Etherium Gold and releases the dynamic power into the system swiftly, a healing water from Mexico to increase the sacred vibration even higher, and a few drops of colloidal silver to preserve their integrity and so the bottles do not need refrigerating and can be kept on your desk or close by all day so you can benefit from the powerful vibrations emanating from each.

Taking Etherium Keys

Two drops, three times a day in a little pure water and at other times whenever needed, before meditation or for a ritual. All the Keys may be mixed in the same glass as they enhance each other beautifully. It is important to hold the remedy in your mouth for a few moments before swallowing to allow the powerful properties to be absorbed sublingually.

Prosperity Pendant


A unique, discreet Energy Charm filled with pure gold, Etherium Gold and a pinch of magic. This Magic Prosperity Pendant transmits the vibrations of wealth to the universe, affirming your desire and your readiness to receive the abundance of all Creation.

You attract what you choose to put your thoughts on, what you give your attention to, and what better way of keeping focused on wealth and good fortune than to wear pure gold close to your heart.

Wear this Magic Prosperity Pendant, which is about one inch high, on your favourite fine chain, or cord, or even on a charm bracelet. And remember true wealth includes health and loving relationships as well as money!

Magic Prosperity Pendant – £20.00