Dolphins Have Teeth! EFT for the traumas but EmoTrance for the good stuff!

There is an interesting story behind this holiday photo. If it wasn’t for EFT I’m not sure I would have been able to get into the water and have this lovely picture taken but it was EmoTrance that turned a personal triumph into a multi dimensional experience which will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Swimming With Dolphins – 24 March 2005
by Nicola Quinn

On a glorious holiday in Cuba to celebrate my 50th birthday I saw a notice for an excursion to swim with dolphins. Now I don’t normally go in for that sort of thing, being in a posh ‘holiday camp’ type resort was pushing it a bit for me as it was, but, having spent five glorious days in Havana, and missing it terribly, it seemed a suitable diversion from the tedium of a sun drenched tropical beach and endless clear blue waves!

The tickets were booked but the day we were due to go I woke up feeling very uneasy and a little off colour. I soon realized I was scared of the idea of getting into the water with dolphins. After all, they are big, unpredictable, they have lots of very sharp teeth and they kill sharks for goodness sake!

So my fears seemed quite reasonable but I set about tapping that fear away.

“Even though I am scared of swimming with dolphins…”

started at 10 and just would not shift, however hard I tapped or however many rounds I did.

Time was getting on and we were due to go and I paced our room up and down trying to work out why it just wasn’t moving even though I was terrified, aha! terrified, and there I had it, two rounds of

“Even though I am terrified of swimming with dolphins…”

got it down to zero in no time at all.

I just laughed and couldn’t believe I hadn’t spotted it sooner, I teach this stuff and had ignored the most basic of instructions, be precise! Just shows you what stress thinking does, completely scrambles your head/mind/thinking. Looking back I should have done an adrenaline tap there and then to clear my mind, give me some clarity as to why it wasn’t working.

As it turned out our trip that day had to be cancelled which, even though I had dealt with my fear, I was relieved about as I was still feeling a little delicate. However, the next day, when we were scheduled to go, I didn’t even think about it and was really quite excited and couldn’t wait to leave.

The next hurdle was the slimy steps, covered with what looked like revolting pond scum, to get down to the platform and into the water. I’d eyed them with suspicion as the facilitator was telling us dos and don’ts before we entered the water and thought that may be the thing that prevents me doing this. I hate slime, cannot eat slimy food or have anything to do with it but had never thought of treating it before but now seemed the perfect time. A discreet round of

“Even though slime is disgusting…”

soon sorted it out. I can even eat cucumber now which had been off my list because of its slimy texture.

As I lowered myself into the water I felt an overwhelming sense of joy which I noticed could quite easily have heralded a panic attack in the past, energy just zoomed around me and I just used EmoTrance and let it channel out, it left from just below the base of my throat. This allowed an incoming of energy from the dolphins themselves and what a beautiful energy it is, loving, playful, I thought I may have been imagining it, anthropomorphizing these creatures from all I had heard but it was real enough. They definitely sensed those among us who needed a more gentle touch.

I was in awe of their power combined with their gentleness. They swam so close and you could feel the movement of their bodies, the feel of their tails, as they breezed past. And when they ‘spoke’ I could feel their vibrations throughout my body.

As I swam slowly I could feel their light touch, feel them swimming under me, round me, circling and creating a vortex, a downward pull, the feeling of old woes being sucked downwards and away.

As each dolphin came close our energy systems briefly entwined, for an instant being one, then gone again, the sensation so strong, almost deliberate, and very clearing, EmoTrancing the energy of each dolphin, always in at the heart but leaving in different places which felt like each dolphin had something different to share with me.

Twenty minutes later I was euphoric and wondering how much more I could take of this but soon realised I was not holding on to anything, there could be no ‘explosion’, the energies were being EmoTranced through, I was litereally sucking them in but not holding on, letting each pass through, getting the last drop of goodness out of each vibration, but of course it had to end eventually!

When I left the dolphins, saying goodbye and thanking them, I felt reborn, strong and brave, ready to face new challenges in an altogether different way. A most amazing, enriching experience, as if new channels have been opened in me ready for something altogether bright and new to come into my life.

Bring it on, I’m ready!


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