Nicola Quinn

International Meridian Energies Trainer, Tachyon Energy Master Practitioner,

Reiki Master, Sidereus (Animal) Energy Healer, Co-Creator of EmoTrance

(Emotional Transformation), Homeopathic Consultant (specialising in Women’s Issues),

Author, Composer


Sophie Quinn

Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Meridian Energy Therapies Practitioner, Clairvoyant,

Teacher, Artist, Author


I am an intuitive metaphysical energy worker, using Original Usui Reiki Ryoho channelling from Dr Usui through the pure line of Reiki Masters.

I created Prana Luna as I work with harnessing the energy of the moon to enhance my healing and readings. In 1994 I was attuned with Reiki in Spain overlooking orange groves and surrounded by millions of distracting kittens. I went on to become a Reiki Master in 2009 and began freelance hands-on healing work. Through working with a variety of clients I discovered there were a great deal of emotional issues that arose during treatment. I then became a Meridian Energy Therapies Practitioner to comprehensively clear these blockages to enable my clients to ultimately heal. I also gained a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology.

Aside from practising hands-on pranic Reiki healing and cleansing, I also offer distant Reiki healing, custom Reiki charged items, intuitive tarot and oracle readings for direction and understanding, or dowsing for helping you work through indecisiveness.

I am continually developing ways to heal and empower my clients, with regular consultations and support throughout treatment. I would love to assist you as you recharge, discover and heal.

I am currently teaching the amazing Art Solutions course live. Join me in my next training and open yourself up to new possibilities of creativity for healing and personal growth.