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About Nicola

Energy Healer, Author, Composer, Artist, Developer
"Nicola's energetic healing and powerfully aligned guidance and support has absolutely enabled me to regain focus and clarity on myself, my work and my life."

Nicola Quinn is an experienced international Energy Therapies Trainer, Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Environmental Energy Consultant, and a Homoeopathic and Nutritional Consultant with a particular focus on women’s health issues.

Nicola co-created EmoTrance and has worked for a number of years researching human energy fields, using energy therapies to help individuals overcome panic attacks and anxiety.

Nicola has studied frequencies for many years and through observing the powerful effects they have on the mind, body and emotions has created music that relaxes, energises and heals.

She is also an abstract artist and has exhibited locally in her home town.

  • Reiki Master

    Quantum distant attunements

  • Author

    Life Without Panic Attacks / Alternative Pain Relief

  • Composer

    Sunrise - Music to Lift Depression / Star Music

  • Indie Developer

    iPhone apps and games



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